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Posted on 2009.01.24 at 00:36
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9 clubs, J Spades, 8 hearts

Relationships stepping up, a party and a nice visit or gift are in store.  Keep an eye on blond youth.. hostility!

King and 10 of Spades, Ace of Hearts

Dark haired man will cause some worry regarding money.   However, the Ace assures this is not huge, and will move on.

(Completely true!)

4 Hearts, 3 Diamonds, 6 Spades

Small changes in life, new directions. (I move this weekend)  Travel planned, enjoyable trip.  (Going to London).  Read legal documents carefully.  (Sign on closing Monday)

Posted on 2009.01.20 at 21:38
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Open post again.

I've been playing with using playing cards instead of my tarot deck.

Hearts - Water

Clubs - Fire

Diamonds - Earth

Spades - Air

There are thirteen cards in each of the four suits, corresponding to the 13 lunar months in a year. Fifty-two cards correspond to fifty-two weeks in a year.

Hearts correspond to the element of water, and signify love, friendship, happiness, and domestic concerns. Generally speaking, they are "happy" cards.

Clubs correspond to the element of fire, and generally signify business, ambition, and achievement issues. They generally indicate success and happiness.

Diamonds correspond to the element of earth, and generally signify career, and money issues.

Spades correspond to the element of air, and generally signify gossip, challenges, messages, and upset

Comparing them to the same question I put forth on the tarot deck, I find they run parallel.    Of course, the old playing card breakdown is far smoother, simpler really.   I'm going to keep track a bit longer, then, see if there if this continues to follow the same pattern.

Curious minds!

Windows and Doors

Posted on 2009.01.09 at 09:55
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Using a pull I read about on tarot:

Window-What you need to learn from, see or some new thing the Universe is trying to tell you-Four of Wands

Makes full sense.

Door-What you need to work through or get through in order to get to that which you saw out the 'Window'.-Knight of Pentacles

Well, that was dead on!

Posted on 2009.01.01 at 00:10
First card of 2009!

Red-Eight of Wands

E-Three of Swords (makes such sense!)

The Director-Two of Swords (hmmm)

Me-Ace of Cups

December 31, 2008

Posted on 2008.12.30 at 22:58
Red-The Chariot (it loves her!)

E-Ace of Cups

The Director-Two of Swords

Me-Ten of Wands

Tomorrow's cards

Posted on 2008.12.26 at 22:28
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Red pulled the two of wands.
Usually a person choosing one wand over another. Wands are passion, and passion is not something that works when split. It requires a single focus. This card indicates a choice about where you put your energy and passion is to be made, but if your instincts are right, the choice will be a right one.  they indicate instinctual knowledge. aces are undirected energy; the twos are, in a sense, the knowledge of what the direction for that energy should take

E has  the ace of swords


The mind awakening for new challenges. This usually indicates that the person's mind is feeling sharper, clearer. They want to talk, want to discuss or write. The breeze stirs through the trees and the fledgling thinks of trying out its newly feathered wings. The sword is lifted, and the querent wants to test its edge. aces are the root force, the beginning...  it can point to either season or from where these things are coming, based on how you view the reading.  for me, with the 'discuss, write, talk' it's more of a directional thing.. what he looks for comes from the east.

The Director pulled seven of swords (his attitude was withdrawn, irritated)
 A thief sneaks off with 5 out of 7 swords. This is the "Thief" card. It implies that someone is stealing something from you, your honor, your ideas, your time. They may be spreading gossip about you. How to take control of this situation? You have to be equally sneaky. Sometimes, to win a race or battle, the Charioteer must direct his horses around instead of straight on. You may feel like you want to go charging in, be confrontational, but this is not going to work. That is the out-of-control solution which will allow the thief to play the innocent. To catch a thief, you must be a thief.  sevens indicate hold out, be patient, be in control of the situation.  sevens answer the question, "how do i take control?"

page of swords for me... lots of swords!
A message relating to a problem either solved or ending badly, or a message that gives one an idea or solution. Sometimes about illness. Sometimes rumor or gossip - in which case, check it out carefully, it might be false.   (applies to the non responses of neil, methinks)

One Card

Posted on 2008.12.25 at 20:03
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This is weird--in the last few days, I've pulled the nine of cups on most of them, including today. "An innkeeper sits before nine cups set out for guests. This is perhaps THE best card in the minors. It is sometimes called the "wish" card. What you have an appetite for you will be given to you; your wish will come true. On the more emotional level, relationships are loving and complete. Creativity is at a high, friendships and emotions are good. It is like walking into an inn and finding that the innkeeper has already filled his chalices with the best wine for you and your friends. The joy and camaraderie the Querent seeks he will surely find"

I write out my wishes, clear, concise, and put it out there.  

Posted on 2008.12.20 at 21:17
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I am reading The Secret and wonder if it's all it's supposed to be.  Who has read it?  Does it really work??

Cross Posted to 'Tarot'

Posted on 2008.12.18 at 11:01
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I usually draw for myself, my beloved, and two friends.  I tend to stay with one card drawings for daily guidance, and on occasion, if asked, I will do a larger spread.  I remain fairly accurate, with my Waite-Rider deck.  I keep one for major card only readings, and two others (a small travel deck, and my usual sized one).  Lately, I've noticed a trend that no matter how long I shuffle, meditate, clear myself--I tend to quite often draw the same card for two of us.  Granted, they still apply, but, does anyone else have this happening?

I've also been doing a few readings for ol, who was a friend and lover, and had things fall apart.  I remain concerned based on his text messages, and letters to me about his current love life.  I keep pulling the eight and ten of swords and the four of cups for him.  I wonder, is my energy tinging the cards or, are these readings on point?

Please note I stopped his readings, when I got a few hints I needed to let go and move on.

one card~tuesday

Posted on 2008.12.15 at 23:58
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red-ten of cups

e-eight of pentacles

the director-the star (my significator)

me-the chariot

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